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It’s Almost Always Sunny in Bosham But…

(Novium pic credit @ Lewis Ronald)

We like to say it is always sunny in Bosham, our little corner of Sussex is officially the sunniest place in mainland Britain, but this July and early August have rather let us down. There have been more days of rain than we would like and although this is great for the garden, instead of letting our guests know the best walks to take, gardens to visit and bike routes to explore, we have been suggesting places to visit and things to do that involve having a roof over your head.

The quality and variety of the places to visit within a few miles of The Bosham Boathouse is extraordinary – the following are a few of our favourites:

Only just over a mile down the road, at the back of a nondescript housing estate, is the truly astonishing Fishbourne Roman Palace - the largest Roman house in Northern Europe. The building itself was destroyed by fire and then dismantled and finally covered by soil and forgotten. Pieces of columns and even part of a pavement had been discovered in the early 19th century, but it was not until a trench for a water main was being dug in 1960 that the full scale of the site began to be revealed and serious archeological study started. Much of what has been excavated is now covered by a museum which provides a remarkable insight into life in Roman Britain but the main attraction is the incredible collection of mosaics – many of them wonderfully preserved.

More history can be found at The Novium in the centre of Chichester. This is a distinctly superior local history museum built over the excavated site of a Roman bath house. Whilst there is plenty of coverage of the city’s rich Roman past, the jewel of the collection is the North Bersted Warrior. The grave of an Iron Age warrior was discovered a few miles south east of Chichester in 2008. He had been buried with his sword, shield and magnificent helmet. After careful restoration, these are now on display at the Novium and well worth a visit. Also not to be missed is the view of the cathedral’s bell tower from the top floor. Entrance is free but beware that the museum is closed on Mondays.

Just around the corner from The Novium is St Richard’s Cathedral. The cathedral houses an intriguing mix of ancient and modern art. Highlights include the intricately carved choir stalls or Quire which dates from the 1330s, an exquisite stained glass window by Marc Chagall, two medieval reliefs which were discovered when some woodwork was removed after being hidden for hundreds of years and the painting Noli me Tangere by renowned British artist Graham Sutherland. The cathedral also hosts regular exhibitions and puts on a number of concerts which are well worth attending – details can be found on their website. An extra attraction for bird lovers is the Peregrine Falcons that nest on the spire; if you miss them on your visit, you can catch up with them on the webcams on their own website!

Also in the city centre is Pallant House Gallery which houses one of the best collections of 20th century British Art in the world. The collection ranges across the full landscape of the last century with works by many of the most notable artists of the last 100+ years, mainly British but with some notable works by people such as Paul Cézanne and André Derain. Alongside the permanent collection, there is always a temporary exhibition which is always thoughtfully conceived and presented. The courtyard café is well worth a visit on sunny days and there is also indoor seating if the weather is misbehaving.

If all of that is not enough, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum is just the other side of Chichester, or you could take a tour of Goodwood House followed by afternoon tea.

And if you would prefer to sit and enjoy our garden despite the weather, you can relax in our new Summerhouse with a drink and a book…

We hope to welcome you soon to The Bosham Boathouse!

Jane & Hamish

Mobile: 07966 735395

Landline: 01243 575122

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